Criminal Justice Telugu Movies: Bangaruthalli

Criminal Justice Telugu Movies: Bangaruthalli

Bangaruthalli is a great movie in Jothika’s career. This movie was directed by J.J. Fredrick. This milestone movie for all of their career has got some special and phenomenal aspects that makes you watch over again. This movie is all about how jothika stand strong on the true belief on the right path. She wants to be a right person to justify the right things in the court of law, similarly she reopens the new chapter of little girls who got murdered by a psycho lady. Watch this movie to know how strong she is. It’s a thriller movie. Watch Bangaruthalli movie online in telugu on Aha.


Rohith and Diwakar, two youngsters viewed as killed by a young lady called “Psycho” Jyothi in the year 2004. She is additionally indicted to be a killer of a couple of young ladies and it is uncovered that psycho jyothi was slaughtered in an experience when she attempted to get away. Following 15 years, a man called “request” pethuraj who lives in ooty, returns the instance of jyothi to demonstrate her guiltlessness and safeguard her. His girl Venba, an amature attorney takes up the case independent of its resistance and pulls out the realities behind the criminal allegations on jyothi. She protects jyothi by bringing the onlookers who contradicted jyothi and demonstrates that they are lying about her with her knowledge. This allows her to keep up strength in demonstrating jyothi’s blamelessness before an appointed authority who acknowledges the case to run. After a wait-and-see game, after a great deal of turns, it is uncovered that Venba, the legal counselor is the little girl of Jyothi and she is here to demonstrate that rohith and diwakar are the genuine attackers and killers of those young ladies who were discovered dead.

Technical Asset:

  • Film has been made with an ideal story and it’s execution has additionally been done similarly.
  • The screenplay was made with keeping up next to no subtleties and rationale to pull in a group of people.
  • Foundation films, for a show film like this music assume a significant job and Govind had worked admirably to prop the feeling and tension up on till the last piece to peak.

Motivations to watch:

  • It is a battle for each lady who is searching for Justice for whatever happened to her throughout everyday life.
  • It’s an inspiration to battle for one another, never leave your inspiration to assist somebody with battling for truth even while battling.
  • An ideal story to know and comprehend the current circumstances of lawful and political firms.

Cast and Crew:

Directed by: J. J. Fredrick

Produced by: Suriya

Actress: Jyothika

Actor: K. Bhagyaraj

Other Actors: R. Parthiban, Thiagarajan, Pratap K. Pothen, R. Pandiarajan

Music by: GovindVasantha

Cinematography: Ramji

Edited by: Ruben

Production company: 2D Entertainment

More Information about Bangaru Thalli:

Distributed by: Aha

Release date: 29 May 2020

Running time: 120 minutes

Genre: Legal, Drama

Watch Bangaruthalli movie in your home and experience thrill with your loved ones, and thriller movies are always fun to watch.